Books in the Series

The Rebirth and Awakening of Wolfie Star-Runner

Status: Available Now on (and all international variants),, Smashwords,, iTunes, and Kobo. Free on Smashwords with Promo Code PH45V from June 1, 2016 through June 30, 2016. (Enter and activate the code in your cart to redeem.)


From the day he was born, Wolfsbane Bendis, Second son of the illustrious Bendis line, has been destined to go into the family business. Raised and trained from childhood as a werewolf hunter, Wolfsbane has been taught that werewolves are the enemy of all humanity and must be exterminated. However, after a fateful battle with a particularly dangerous werewolf leaves him bitten and adrift, old doubts begin to surface and he–along with a little help from his new-found friend Falor Danek–rejects his obligation to end his own life and decides to continue living as a werewolf.

Just as he seems to be settling into a new normal, however, he is summoned back to his family home for an extended visit to celebrate his older brother’s birthday. Now, Wolfsbane and Falor must work to keep Wolfsbane’s transformation a secret,  while he struggles to get a grip on his developing lycanthropic powers. But, how long can they keep up the masquerade? And is there more to Wolfsbane’s rebirth than meets the eye?

Wolfie Star-Runner Plays With Hellfire

Status: Now Available at (and all international variants),, Smashwords,, iTunes, and Kobo


A simple journey south to Wyvernly takes an unexpected turn when Wolfsbane and company cross paths with his cousin Calvin. The “Hero for Hire” and aspiring legend joins the party and soon convinces them to take a detour to explore the ancient treasure caves of Mount Teratos. But, treasure is not the only thing said to be sealed away within the mountain’s depths—it’s also the place where the terrible Hellfire Lord Goramesh was imprisoned!

When Wolfie and Calvin let their curiosity get the better of them and release this sealed evil from his can, however, our heroes find that there is more to this his mythic rampage than scorched cities and an impressive body count. Can they get this ancient destroyer to warm up to them enough to change his evil ways? Or is his blazing temper just too hot to handle?


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