Main Characters

Wolfsbane Alistair Bendis

Age: 20

Birthday: Februne (February) 14, 1023 P.W.D.

Height: 6 feet (183 cm), give or take a few fractions of an inch.

Hair: Black

Eyes: Green

Weapon of Choice: His own fists when practical, otherwise his semi-automatic pistol.

Favorite Color: Sky Blue

Wolfsbane is the protagonist of this series. As a young child, he dreamed of one day becoming a werewolf and going on amazing adventures one day…until his father decided to smash his dreams to bits and forced him into the family business. He has been training in combat, tracking, and survival skills since he was only two, and from the age of five on his father did an excellent job of indoctrinating him in the ways of the Werewolf Hunter’s Code. As a result of this and his experiences as a rookie hunter, Wolfsbane attempted to take on the same sort of ice-cold persona as his older brother, Silver.

Deep in his heart, however, Wolfsbane never wanted to be the hunter that his father had groomed him to be, and his true nature could not be suppressed completely. All that it took was one little bite to prove that…


Falorian Exiamel Danek

Age: 20

Birthday: Janyu (January) 7, 1023 P.W.D.

Height: 6 feet, 4 inches (193 cm). 6 feet (183 cm), give or take a few fractions of an inch (human form).

Hair: Dark Blue

Eyes: Red (true form), Brown (human form)

Weapon of Choice: His own fists and a razor fan for the really tough stuff.

Favorite Color: Sunshine Yellow

Half human and half velvend, Falor was raised by his human mother and grandfather in the nation of Wyvernly. Though he had a loving family, he had a rough childhood when it came down to actually making friends due to his status as a halfbreed. The other children teased and bullied him mercilessly, the adults shunned him and said all manner of nasty things about him behind his back…and then there was the trouble he had learning to deal with and accept the animal instincts and animal-like appearance that he had inherited through his father’s blood. At fifteen, after an incident which involved him losing his grip on his human form after being called a freak one too many times, he left home on a journey of self-discovery.

Now, at twenty, he has matured into a cheerful, friendly, charismatic, optimistic, and all-around well-adjusted young man. His kind and understanding heart and his passion for helping others are what led him to extend a helping hand to Wolfsbane when he was in the depths of despair, and has quickly become his dearest and most trusted friend.


Falcon Cirrus Bendis

Age: 52

Birthday: Maya (May) 10, 991 P.W.D.

Height: 6 feet, 3inches (190.5 cm)

Hair: Dark Brown (going gray at the temples)

Eyes: Medium Brown

Weapon of Choice: Dual six-shot revolvers.

Favorite Color: Bright Red

He may be an experienced werewolf hunter, but Falcon is also an unapologetic rebel when it comes to the code. His strong sense of justice just doesn’t allow for him to indiscriminately kill off innocent men, women, and children and he makes no secret of his refusal to do so or his efforts to help werewolves in trouble. Professionally, this has earned him a lot of flack from his colleagues and kept him from moving any further than an X-2 ranking, but he’s too cool and confident to give a rat’s ass about that.

Falcon (like his nephew, Wolfsbane) never really wanted to be a werewolf hunter at all, but he was at least lucky enough to be able to choose whether he wanted to work solo or with a strict code follower. What he does care about more than anything in the world is his family, and would do anything (fight any battle, kill any scumbag, keep any secret) to keep them all safe…


Eliza Appaloosa Bendis

Age: 46

Birthday: Avril (April) 1, 997 P.W.D.

Height: 5 feet, 6 inches (167.6 cm)

Hair: Strawberry Blonde

Eyes: Green

Weapon of Choice: Polearm (but she keeps a semi-automatic pistol in her purse)

Favorite Color: Green

Don’t let her sweet and down-to-earth farm girl image fool you, Eliza Bendis is tough as nails with an iron will and a fearless attitude underneath. She became a werewolf hunter at age thirteen and teamed up with her rookie squad mate, Osprey Bendis, when she was fifteen. As a duo, they not only took on packs of marauding werewolves, but thieving dragons, sky pirates, and the occasional treasure-filled ruin. Then, at twenty-one, she married Osprey’s brother, Hawk, and retired to start a family with him.

Although she could have stepped back and let the staff at Bendis Manor handle all of the cooking and cleaning and settled into a life of leisure as the wife of a wealthy, highly ranked werewolf hunter, Eliza continues to prepare the family meals and joins in on the daily chores around the house. In addition, she also made sure that all five of her children learned the value of hard work and knowing how to clean up your own messes by having them be responsible for keeping their own rooms clean and giving the head housekeeper, Miss Amersbey, full permission to make them do chores as penance for naughty behavior…and she handles her husband the same way…


Hawk Stratocumulus Bendis

Age: 48

Birthday: Marz (March) 13, 995 P.W.D.

Height: 6 feet (183 cm), give or take a few fractions of an inch.

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Weapons of Choice: Long-range sniper rifle and double-edged claymore sword

Favorite Color: Black

Because Hawk Bendis is a strict code-following werewolf hunter with a stiff upper lip, most people tend to mistake him for a total stick-in-the-mud and a self-righteous snob. It’s not completely true of course. Sure, he can be stuffy and has a tendency to always think he’s right about everything, but he also has a very black-and-white sense of morality shaped by a strict, almost military-style upbringing (the very same which prompted his brother, Falcon, to rebel) and a firm belief in the rightness of the Werewolf Hunter’s Code and the lore on which it is built. Like his older brother he has a strong sense of justice…he just isn’t nearly as independent-minded as him.

His unyielding strictness with his children, especially Wolfsbane, may seem at completely cold-hearted, but everything that he says and does is out of love and a desire to mold his sons and daughters into the men and women that he knows that they can be and desperately wants them to become.


Inferno Ichabod Bendis

Age: 17

Birthday: Avril (April) 25, 1026 P.W.D.

Height: 5 feet, 7 inches (170.2 cm), and growing.

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Medium Brown

Weapon of Choice: Offensive magic, mostly elemental.

Favorite Color: Purple

Out of all five Bendis children, Inferno is the youngest, the smallest, the clumsiest, and the weakest in physical combat. Needless to say, he is also the only one that Hawk allowed to forgo becoming a werewolf hunter. But, just because he is no good at fighting with weapons or his fists does not mean that he’s a total looser. Inferno is also a magical genius capable of casting spells far above the understanding of the average human his age and when something is important to him, he never gives up on it. Case in point, the anti-lycanthropy vaccine that he has been running himself ragged for the past five years trying to develop.

Inferno is a sweet and caring person, but because he hates to be seen as a weakling, he has trouble admitting illness or injury to those who are there to help and take care of him. He is socially awkward and has trouble making new friends…or even reading other people’s body language accurately at times. He has also never been away from home for more than a few hours on his own before, preferring his studies and research to the open road. Is there anything that can get him to come out of his shell…?


Silver Malcolm Bendis

Age: 22

Birthday: Julium (July) 15, 1020 P.W.D.

Height: 6 feet, 1 inches (185.4 cm)

Hair: Black with a Gray streak

Eyes: Dark Brown

Weapon of Choice: Swords of all shapes, sizes, and descriptions.

Favorite Color: Black

With a demeanor as cold as ice and a heart seemingly made of stone, Silver Bendis is not a man to be trifled with. The fact that he is ranked as one of the world’s top five swordsmen (and, arguably, is the world’s greatest) is nothing to sneeze at either. He has severely injured and even killed people for insulting his skills with a blade in the past, very dispassionately, and often with only as little as a raise of an eyebrow as warning. It’s no wonder that so many people think that he is either evil incarnate or very close to it.

But, Wolfsbane’s big brother’s only real goal in life has been to outshine his baby bro’ in their father’s eyes. He’s jealous of the attention that his younger brother gets and of the fact that, as a marksman, he has received preferential treatment when being considered for rank promotions. After all, the IWHA is actively trying to phase out the use of “antiquated” melee weapons like swords and spears and force everyone into the gun age. He has responded to that sort of anti-sword attitude with the same condescending snark as he uses to handle anyone or anything else that he sees as beneath him…and there are a lot of things and people he looks down on.


River Bertha Bendis

Age: 24

Birthday: Maya (May) 22, 1019 P.W.D.

Height: 5 feet, 6 inches (167.6 cm)

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Green

Weapon of Choice: Semi-automatic assault rifle

Favorite Color: Powder Pink

She’s a perfect lady in every conceivable way and she may seem like a perfectly dainty flower at first, but like her brothers and sister, River Bendis is not to be taken lightly. She is an expert markswoman, highly adept at hand-to-hand combat, and her cooking is so bad that it should be classified as a lethal weapon!

But, this Lady of War is not a werewolf hunter because she wants to be; she fights because there are innocent people out there who need someone like her to protect them from creatures who have neither the couth nor the good sense not to pick on beings who are weaker than them. All River really wants is to settle down with a nice guy and retire to start a family. However, in her life, nothing is ever so simple…


Flood Bernice Bendis

Age: 24

Birthday: Maya (May) 22, 1019 P.W.D.

Height: 5 feet, 6 inches (167.6 cm)

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Green

Weapon of Choice: Combat Hammers, Metal Knuckles, and plenty of dakka

Favorite Color: Army Green

While her twin is lady-like and sophisticated, Flood is a rough, rowdy tomboy and she’s not afraid to admit it. She loves the thrill of the fight just as much as she loves that good feeling that comes from helping the helpless and it’s not just werewolf punks she regularly puts in their place. Humans, orks, vampires, sprites, bearmen…if they’re being dicks while she’s around, she has a size 12 ladies steel-toed boot that’s more than ready to lodge itself firmly up their ass.

At home, she’s the one who’s always playfully teasing the rest of her siblings and doling out Indian burns for kicks…all in good fun, of course. But, even this tough girl has a soft side. She is not only fiercely loyal to the people she loves, but she’s also a damn good cook. Fist fights have broken out over the rights to the last slice of one of her pies or the last whisps of her famous potato salad. Now, if only some of her culinary skills would rub off on her sister…

Calvin Meriwether Bendis

Age: 20

Birthday: Februne (February) 21, 1023 P.W.D.

Height: 6 feet, 3inches (190.5 cm)

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Medium Brown

Weapon of Choice: Tracer Bayonet Series Mark Three gunblade (part sword, part single-barrel pump-action shotgun)

Favorite Color: Gold

This hot-headed young adventurer is focused on one goal and one goal only in life: becoming a legendary hero! His quick reflexes and sharp combat instincts make him a natural with a gunblade, and the fact that he’s a history and archeology buff comes in handy when exploring ancient ruins. Unfortunately, he also runs mostly on gut instinct and has a bad habit of rushing into things head-long without thinking…


The Hellfire Lord Goramesh

Age: ancient

Birthday: Unknown

Height: ???

Hair: Flame

Eyes: Flame

Weapon of Choice: Blazing hellfire, pure brute strength, and any random thing he can get his hands on…

Favorite Color: The Reds, Oranges, and Golds of a Raging Conflagration

Hard-hearted, destructive, and down-right evil, the Hellfire Lord Goramesh once rampaged throughout the land decimating armies and burning cities to the ground…that is, until he was defeated by the Three Sages of Truth at Mount Teratos and imprisoned in crystal there for what was intended to be eternity. He slumbered there for the next fifteen hundred or so years until Wolfsbane and Calvin made the (possibly very stupid) decision to free him and find out the truth behind the terror…


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