Paws to the Stars

            The following is an ancient verse recovered from a half-burned book of unknown origin…



Paws to the stars,
Runneth he,
Runneth he.

Eyes to the moon,
Form like the waters,
Heart roaming o’er,
Mount’ to sea, through all others.

Paws to the stars,
Seeketh he,
Seeketh he.

Secrets of the soul,
Paths through the wilds,
New, unknown forms,
Open eyed like a child.

Paws to the stars,
He is free,
He is free.

To explore all roads,
To be fierce or tame,
To discover,
To recover o’er again.

Paws to the stars,
He is key,
He is key.

Unlocker of knowledge,
Father of technique,
He is the spark,
To advance skills unique.


            What an odd old poem. I wonder if it means anything…Eh. Probably not.

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