Star-Runner World Interviews Series: Flood Bendis

Warning: May contain spoilers for those who have not yet read The Rebirth and Awakening of Wolfie Star-Runner.

            The chubby, brown-skinned young woman walks into a gym that is alive with the sounds of a rowdy crowd. She sees the source of the excitement as soon as she looks up: A fit, attractive young woman with long brown hair slung back in a ponytail is in the ring boxing with a big, muscular bald man…and kicking his butt pretty hard!

            The man is on the ropes and barely able to stand, but still somehow finds the strength to stand on his own again…probably thanks to the power of his opponent’s taunts. He is walking right into a trap, however. The chubby woman makes it to the side of the ring just in time to see the brown-haired young lady land a solid right cross-uppercut combo and send the bald man crashing to the mat like a ton of bricks. The reff counts off the seconds, but the man stays down, drooling bloody spit in a puddle under his open mouth. It’s a knockout, and the brown-haired woman raises her arms triumphantly as the crowd cheers.

            The victor then looks down at the cheering crowd and spots the chubby, brown-skinned woman. Casually, she gives one more wave to the crowd, then climbs out of the ring to greet her and the two find a quiet place where they can talk. Thus, the interview begins.

Quick Facts about Flood Bendis

Name: Flood Bernice Bendis
Age: 24
Birthday: Maya (May) 22, 1019 P.W.D.
Height: 5 feet, 6 inches (167.6 cm)
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Green
Weapon of Choice: Combat Hammers, Metal Knuckles, and plenty of dakka
Favorite Color: Army Green


Danielle Freeman: It’s nice to finally get a chance to talk with you, Flood. Honestly, I didn’t think you’d want to come to this interview…You know, since you don’t get all that much pagetime compared to your sister or brothers and all…

Flood Bendis: What? You think I’d care about a stupid thing like that?! Look, unlike some of my siblings who shall remain nameless, I don’t really mind being a supporting character. After all, I know the first thing that would happen if I got any fanboys would be that some perverts would start writing and drawing stuff about me and River being gay with each other! Do. Not. Want.

D.F.: Ooookaaaay…Well, first question: You really like to get physical when you fight, often using metal knuckles and combat hammers in battle. Has that had a real negative affect on your ranking as a werewolf hunter?

F.B.: Phtt! Like I care about my stupid ranking! So long as the asses that need kicking get kicked, the lives that need saving get saved, and the job gets done, what do I care about what some pencil-pushers with kooshy office jobs think about my performance? You know how I count my ranking? By how well I fought and how many people I was able to put at ease. Most days, I rank myself at an X-4 or X-5.

D.F.: And what is a typical job for you and River?

F.B.: A typical job? Well, usually we stick to the higher level jobs—Level 4 through Level 6.

D.F.: And, for the folks at home, what do the levels mean?

F.B.: Oh. Well, Level 1 jobs involve suspected werewolves with no human or domestic animal fatalities, Level 2 jobs are sighted werewolves with possible or confirmed domestic animal fatalities, Level 3 jobs involve sighted or suspected werewolves with confirmed domestic animal fatalities, Level 4 jobs are sighted werewolves with confirmed domestic animal fatalities and one to three human fatalities, Level 5 jobs are confirmed werewolf sightings with more than three human fatalities and possible forcible transformations, and Level 6 jobs…that’s where you find your psycho serial killers, your raging ferals, your rogue packs terrorizing people for fun and profit…That stuff. Level 4 and up are the jobs where human lives are most in danger, with Level 5 and 6 being most likely to involve straight-up criminals, so that’s what me and Riv chose to specialize in. Level 1 through 3 jobs usually involve innocents who just need a bit of help and guidance. We do those too sometimes—a bit more often now that Valin’s with us—but…let’s just say, we don’t exactly follow the rules.

D.F.: So, you’re saying that you and River are codebreakers?

F.B.: *Smiles proudly and nods* Absolutely! Look, the Code is full of bullshit. Killing innocent men, women, children, and unborn babies just because they’re werewolves? If they’re not murderous psychos or batshit crazy ferals—if they’re just normal people just trying to get by and live their lives in peace despite being what everyone around them would consider a monster or a freak—then killing them is no better than straight-up murder. There’s no honor in that. So, River and I follow in the footsteps of Mom and Aunt Osprey—helping the innocent no matter who or what they might be and doing a damn good job of hiding it when we do break the Code.

D.F.: Hiding it? How, exactly…?

F.B.: Let’s just say that accidental werewolf kills are reeeeal easy to pin on feral dogs. We’ll leave it at that. With Valin along with us, he can teach a werewolf having trouble with their powers how to handle their wolf half and everything. Before then, we had to bring a knowledgeable friend along to help.

D.F.: “Knowledgeable friend?” Does that mean that you and River are on good terms with one or more werewolves besides your sister’s fiancé?

F.B.: Not naming any names, but yeah. After rookie squad, Aunt Osprey hooked us up with a few contacts. She was cool like that.

D.F.: So, with the way that you and River work, learning that your younger brother Wolfsbane is a werewolf wasn’t that big of a shock to you, was it?

F.B.: Nope. Actually, I don’t know about Riv, but for me, seeing Wolfsbane running out of the house to meet us was really a huge relief. I…Not to get all mushy and stuff or anything, but…I was really heartbroken when I saw his name posted on the Death List in Candella. And “Self-Termination” as his cause of death…Dammit, I was sad and pissed! I mean, he started out wanting to be a werewolf, and for him to go down killing himself to prevent that…? It wasn’t supposed to be that way. Thank the gods that River and Caroline were there, because if I had been alone…I would’ve burned that hunters’ station to the ground then went to hunt down Ren Ascot’s sorry ass and beat him within an inch of his worthless little life!

D.F.: Does this mean that you’re happy for Wolfsbane?

F.B.: Sure I am. I mean, let’s face it, the little dweeb was always a wild animal anyway. One time, when he was two, we were playing hide-and-seek and I found him in Daddy’s closet chewing on his brand new boots like a freaking puppy! He was totally miserable after Daddy destroyed all of his wolf stuff and started ramping up his training and making him act more “normal.” But, when I saw him that day when he ran out into the rain to meet us…I could tell he was happier than he’d been in a long time.

Don’t tell Wolfie this, but after I got to my room, I cried a little ’cause it was kind of an emotional thing—going from thinking I would never see my little brother again to seeing him happier than I’d seen him since he was a little kid. For a couple of days, I kept worrying about waking up to find that it was all just a dream, you know? That he was really dead and I was only dreaming what I wished was true…Again, don’t tell him that. Wolfie’s too sensitive. If he knew I cried for him and shit, he’d get all mopey and emotional. That’s why putting him with that douchebag Ren was such a bad idea.

D.F.: That’s right, you’re not very fond of Ren Ascot either.

F.B.: Hells no! I hate that guy! He’s such a stuck-up, smarmy, bullying jackass! It’s like, every time I see that guy, he’s picking on someone for no reason at all! Calling little girls homely and flat-chested, taunting eight-year-old boys about their slingshot aim…and it seems like Wolfsbane always got the worst of it! If he had one hair out of place or his bootlace came undone, Ren would lay into him like he just flashed his cock for the world to see! Then there’s the fact that he liked to smack my kid brother around if he caught him eating beef jerky for a between-meal snack or something. One time, Ren tried that shit around me and I socked him right in the face! Personally, I hope these rumors floating around about him ruin his rep so bad that he never works again.

D.F.: Ouch…Alright, Flood, here’s the question you knew was probably coming: What about your love life? River has found her one-and-only, but what about you? Is there someone special in your life right now as well?

F.B.: Yeesh! No, I don’t have—or need—a “special someone” in my life right now. I’m too busy with my career to be thinking about that kind of stuff! Riv’s the romantic one. Before Valin, she’s had three other boyfriends…all of them useless fops! I’m so glad she finally found herself a real man. As for me, being single suits me just fine.

D.F.: And if there was a special someone in your life, what would he be like? What kind of man fits your idea of your dream guy?

F.B.: O.K., first off, he’s gotta be a strong fighter. Preferably, he should be able to either beat me or at the very least battle me to a draw in a one-on-one fight. That’s because I don’t need a man who’s dead weight, you see. I need a guy who can back me up in battle, a guy who makes good reinforcements and a challenging sparring partner. So far, not a single guy who’s tried to step to me has fit that bill. Either they’re all wimps or they keep holding back because I’m a woman…So annoying!

D.F.: And what else? What about his personality?

F.B.: Personality-wise? He can’t be a douchebag. He’s got to respect me and the people I care about, and know how to treat a girl like a lady. Some guys have tried to treat me like just another dude, thinking that just because I’m a tough girl and can hold my own without a man, that means they don’t have to try. Well, they do! I hate men who think I’ll be an easy one-nighter or just want to be “hump-buddies.” I ain’t that desperate for some tail.

He should also have a healthy appetite. I love to cook and I’m damn good at it, so I want a guy who loves to eat. Not a fat tub-o-lard who does nothing but eat, mind you. He’s gotta be active and keep himself in shape, but not one of those annoying “my body is my temple” guys who eat nothing but fucking salad and shit! A man who’s in-shape but knows how to enjoy a good greasy burger or some chocolate chip pancakes!

Oh! And funny! He’d better be funny! Not necessarily “could make people laugh for a living” funny, just “entertaining enough that he can make me laugh when it counts” funny. Making me laugh when he didn’t intend to is a bonus…Oh! And he should have a cute mad face…That’s really it.

D.F.: So, on your scale of male attractiveness, how do you rank Falor Danek?

F.B.: *Raises and eyebrow* You’re kidding, right? Look, he’s cute, funny, and appreciates a good meal, but first off he’s too young. I don’t even consider guys more than two years younger than me as dating material. Secondly, he’s just as big a doofus as Wolfie. That smooth, charming player act doesn’t fool me one bit. Sure, he’s a little more mature and self-confident than my brother, but I bet he can’t say “tufted titmouse” without melting into a fit of uncontrollable laughter.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s a nice guy and I’m grateful to him for what he did for Wolfie. But, date him? No way. I do hope that if he ever really falls in love, she returns his affections and doesn’t break his heart, though. I’ve kind of come to care for him like a little brother…But don’t tell him that.

D.F.: Alright, one more question before I go.

F.B.: Shoot.

D.F.: If you had been given a choice between being a werewolf hunter and any other career path, what would you have chosen to be?

F.B.: *thoughtful pause* Hmm…Well, I guess I would have chosen to be a bounty hunter. The pay’s not always the best, but I’d still get to kick people’s asses for a living and there wouldn’t have been a two-year orientation where I’d have to kill innocent people whether I wanted to or not. Plus, you get to fight giant monsters way more often. A pack of rogue werewolves is a challenge, but that’s nothing compared to a ruk or a hydra…Ooh! Or a jabberwak! I’ve always wanted to take one of those badboys on!

D.F.: Maybe you will someday. Thanks for the interview, Flood.

F.B.: Don’t mention it.

            And so, the two said their farewells and parted ways.


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