Locking it Up: The Secrets of Sealing Spells

Sealing spells are a varied and interesting category of spells. This branch of magic is composed of both elemental and non-elemental enchantments of different degrees of power and difficulty, ranging from a simple door locking spell to seals meant to place a being into an unaging magical coma for all of eternity. Of course, like every other branch of magic, sealing magic also has very specific rules that must be followed as well.


Minor Seals—Or, How to Keep Mom Out of Your Diary Mage Style!



Minor sealing spells are the easiest to learn and cast. As the above heading suggests, they are so easy that many adolescent girls turn to them as a back-up lock for their diaries. Minor seals come in many forms based on their purpose and the intentions of the caster.

In the case of sealing a book, for example, there are spells which make the book impossible to open by magically fusing the binding and pages if a party attempts to open it, spells which render the pages blank or otherwise unreadable, and spell which fortify any physical lock placed upon the book itself (snaps, buckles, padlocks, etc.) against being picked. These spells are usually cast with the provision that only the caster or those authorized by the caster are able to bypass the seal. Of course, there are also variations of the spell where the only way to bypass the seal is to deactivate it with a counter spell as well.

Locking one’s door with magic for extra security or privacy is another common practice. Door locking spells usually come in one of two forms: physical fusion spells and barrier spells. In a physical fusion spell, the door and frame or the mechanisms of a physical lock are literally fused together on a molecular level, making it impossible to break in using average, non-magical lockpicks and making forcing one’s way into the sealed room or building undoable without actually destroying the door. The door may only become un-fused through the use of a proper counter spell, a key which has been specially enchanted, or magical lockpicks.

The barrier spell type seals surround or infuse the door or lock with an impenetrable magical barrier which prevents unauthorized entry. The infusion-type barriers work similarly to a physical lock, barring the door shut with an energy field which crosses through both the door and the frame. Force field-type barriers surround the entire door and frame with a magical energy field which prevents unauthorized parties and non-magical lockpicks and keys from passing through. Some force field-types even go a step further by hitting the would-be trespasser with a nasty electric shock if they try to even touch the door! Only the correct physical key or a proper counter spell can deactivate a barrier seal…well, that, or a very good set of magical lockpicks.

The very same types of seals used on doors and books are also used on everything from treasure chests to top-secret documents. Basically, anything that anyone wants to keep safe, secure, and secret may be protected with a sealing spell or some sort.

Major Seals—Or, The Easy, Breezy Evil Canning Kit!



As useful as minor seals are in everyday life, sometimes an emergency comes along which requires a seal of a much more heavy-duty nature. Be it an evil spirit, a horrifying monster, or a devil from the depths of the Seven Hells, major sealing spells are the way to go. Depending on what manner of being must be sealed, elemental magic many or may not be involved.

For instance, it is unwise to seal a creature of the electric element in an icy prison. Ice is still water, and therefore weak to the power of electricity, making the seal easily breakable by the prisoner. Instead, a being of electricity must be imprisoned using the earth element in order to block the entity’s power. Though, elemental seals are usually only used against beings with extremely strong elemental powers. In most cases, a non-elemental seal is enough to contain the threat.

Sometimes sealing spells are also used to lock away dangerous weapons or knowledge—as in the case of the Excellion, a devastating weapon which was used by the Alliance of Humanity during the War of Destruction—or even to seal away individuals for their own protection or until such time as their strength is needed again. In the case of using sealing magic on mortal beings, however, great caution must be used. The bodies of mortal beings react negatively to being forced into a magical stasis and if left to slumber for too long will become extremely ill and possibly even die from malnutrition, toxin build-up, and the damaging effects of sealing magic directly applied to mortal flesh. This is why mortal beings are never sealed away as punishment except for in the most extreme of circumstances, and why those sealed away for the purpose of future aid are not allowed to be sealed away for more than one hundred years at a time.

The Lock and Key Stipulation—Or, The Trouble with Sealing Spells



Like all forms of magic, sealing magic is bound by certain rules in order to keep it balanced. In this case, the rule is that all sealing spells must have some way to undo them. The more powerful the seal, the more complicated the unlocking procedure is allowed to be…but there absolutely must be one built in or the spell can not be cast.

Minor seals, of course, have relatively simple deactivation and bypass requirements. An easy counter spell or the correct key (or lockpick) is often all it takes to undo the spell or be allowed access to whatever that spell has been protecting. Some minor seals need only be exposed to the life force of the caster or an individual authorized by the caster to be broken or bypassed. However, major seals are usually kept locked up tight by mind-bending puzzles or multi-part key systems involving specially enchanted objects. Sometimes these specially enchanted objects must be destroyed in order to weaken and eventually break the sealing spell. Other times, these objects must be brought together—often times to the exact place where who or whatever had been locked away was sealed—in order to break the spell and are, therefore, more often than not scattered about the earth to make it harder for those with evil intent to undo the seal. A few major seals are even cast so that only an individual of a certain bloodline could ever break them.

While most sealing spells are undone on purpose, history and legend contain many tales of seals—usually those holding back some terrible evil or artifact of doom—being broken totally by accident. The culprits in these cases are usually just average people who accidentally stumble upon the seal while going about their daily business, treasure hunters just looking to line their pockets with the plunder from some ancient ruin, or a bunch of adventure-hungry kids bumbling around in that cursed cave or deep dark forest their elders specifically told them to stay out of. Depending on the nature of what is uncovered, those who have accidentally unlocked it will either end up as the ones to be possessed by it, eventually defeat it, befriend it, or end up as its first victims.

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