Star-Runner World Interviews Series: Falor Danek

            Imagine this: The summer air is fresh and sweet and a pleasant breeze blows by, bringing with it the scents of roses, lilies, and many other fragrant flowers to the center of a large hedge maze in a magnificent English-style garden. Here, upon a white stone bench, sits a lovely, slightly chubby young woman with brown skin just a shade lighter than hot cocoa and black hair so finely curled that it falls in an almost cloud-like manner against her shoulders. She straightens her blue jeans and dark olive Miami Ink T-shirt and pushes up the black, faux-cat-eye glasses which frame her big, dark brown eyes as her interviewee approaches.

            He is a rather attractive young man who looks to be about twenty, with caramel brown skin, dark brown eyes, and wavy dark blue hair worn—at the moment—in a long ponytail. His loose-fitting tunic and pants are both pure white, and a charming smile lights up his handsome face as he catches sight of the young woman. The young woman can’t help but mentally describe him as a bishonen—a pretty-boy—and think of him giving the likes of Yu Yu Hakusho’s Kurama or Sebastian from Black Butler a run for their money in a contest of looks.

            They greet each other and he sits down on the bench beside her. And so, the interview begins…


Quick Facts about Falor Danek


Name: Falorian Exiamel Danek

Age: 20

Birthday: Janyu (January) 7, 1023 P.W.D.

Height: 6 feet, 4 inches (193 cm) (true form). 6 feet (183 cm), give or take a few fractions of an inch (human form).

Hair: Dark Blue

Eyes: Red (true form). Brown (human form)

Weapon of Choice: His own fists and a razor fan for the really tough stuff.

Favorite Color: Sunshine Yellow



Danielle Freeman: Well, thank you for coming, Falor.

Falor Danek: Sittin’ here in this beautiful garden with a lovely rose such as yerself? Now, what sane man would miss such a treat?

D.F.: *blushes, then clears her throat* Uh…well, let’s get started, shall we? Alright, so, let’s talk about your childhood back in Wyvernly. As I understand it, you were raised by your mother and grandfather, correct?

F.D.: Aye, that I was. Me pa ran off not long after I was born, so Ma and Grandpa were the ones who brought me up. Grandpa raises hound drakes on his farm for a livin’, and Ma an’ I helped. I suppose I was maybe a little extra help since I’m about twice as strong as a normal human and can talk ta animals because o’ my velvend blood…*laughs*

D.F.: Which leads me to my next question: What was it like growing up as the only half-velvend around? I mean, it must have been tough.

F.D.: *sighs sadly and shakes his head* “Tough” is one way o’ puttin’ it. I got it from all sides, really. First, there were the folks who looked down on me because me ma had me out o’ wedlock. Then there were the ones who didn’t like me ’cause me pa was a foreigner, since, see, most common folk in Wyvernly have a hard time trustin’ foreigners on account of the fact it was meddlin’ foreign business men and politicians who helped start the Civil War tha’ basically ruined our whole nation for anyone who’s not filthy stinkin’ rich. After them, there’s the people who hated me just because I’m half velvend, and a lot o’ folks—not just in Wyvernly, but all over the place—think velvends are all evil monsters…Not ta mention the folk who hated me for all three reasons!

D.F.: So, I take it you didn’t have many human friends as a kid, huh?

F.D.: Didn’t have many? I didn’t have any! None o’ the other kids would play with me. The ones who would give me the time o’ day were the ones who bullied me. I learned ta change ta human form to try an’ fit in more…but my hair always stayed blue. I couldn’t even dye it black. Even with Ma an’ Grandpa givin’ me all the love an’ care in the world, I was still so sad, an’ lonely…and angry. Very, very angry. Most of it was at me pa, but with how tough things are in Wyvernly in general, an’ all o’ the flack I took from the neighbors about what I am, an’ dealin’ with the velvend side o’ my nature…Alright, I admit it, I was pretty pissed off at the whole damn world!

D.F.: You poor thing…So, can you tell us about the incident? The one that happened when you were fifteen?

F.D.: Ya mean when I transformed in front o’ everyone? Sure. See, I had gone inta town on an errand fer Grandpa. He wanted me ta pick up some more feed for the drakes and pick up his back medicine from the doctor. When I got ta town, though, Roscoe Wilkins an’ his bunch just happened ta be about. Him an’ Pookie an’ Jim, James, Paul, an’ Tyrone all ganged up on me as soon as I came out o’ the general store an’ started talkin’ smack, shovin’ and hittin’ me…

D.F.: And you didn’t fight back?

F.D.: How could I? As much as I hated those guys, I was afraid ta fight back just in case I hurt somebody. A good chunk o’ the town was just one incident away from goin’ all torches-and-pitchforks-angry-mob on me just on general principal, ya know! An’ then…

D.F.: And then?

F.D.: Then, I was getting’ up after bein’ pushed ta the ground, and Jim kicked me in the gut and said, “No matter what you do, Danek, ya’ll never be nothin’ but a dirty halfbreed freak o’ nature.” …I snapped. I started screamin’ an’ cussin’ them all out and I got so mad I couldn’t even stay in human form. Right there—in public—I transformed in front o’ everyone an’ clawed Roscoe right across the left side o’ his face. If Ma hadn’t come ta check an’ see what was takin’ me so long…it could’ve been worse. I’m pretty sure I could o’ killed someone…

D.F.: And that’s what led you to leave home?

F.D.: *nods* Aye. Even after Ma cussed each an’ everyone in the village out, whipped that sawed-off shotgun out o’ her garter, an’ said the next person she even suspected o’ hurtin’ me would get a dose o’ hot lead right between the eyes at point blank—’cause, ya know, Ma doesn’t play—I…I just couldn’t take it anymore. I had ta leave. So, I packed up a few things, said me goodbyes, and headed off on a journey ta figure out who I really was.

D.F.: So, that is the reason why you felt the need to help Wolfsbane when you first encountered him, right?

F.D.: Aye, that’s part of it. He was so scared and depressed and angry I could actually smell it on him—I can’t smell people’s emotions unless they’re real strong, ya see. I took one good look at him, an’ I saw m’self five years back. I knew, deep in my heart, that the one thing he needed more than anythin’ else in the world right then was a friend—a shoulder to cry on, a sympathetic ear ta vent into…I’d only ever known werewolves in passin’ before, but none I’d ever known were evil just because they were werewolves. The ones I’d met who were evil were evil because they chose that path, same with anyone else I’d ever met. I couldn’t o’ just gone on with me day and left him miserable like that, no matter what.

D.F.: And you even decided to teach him how to shapeshift, right?

F.D.: Well, it’s an important thing ta know, in my opinion. I mean, sure, Wolfie was real reluctant at first…but it was ’cause he was scared o’ his wolf side. Ya know, the first time he dreamed of meetin’ his wolf half face-ta-face, he was terrified out o’ his mind. It took me about three hours ta convince him it was O.K. ta go back ta sleep an’ that he had nothin’ ta fear from it.

D.F.: You two really bonded in those first couple of weeks too. Wolfsbane told me that it was a very laid-back and relaxed period of time.

F.D.: It surely was, and we had a lot o’ fun too! Wolfie can be kind o’ quiet an’ reserved sometimes, and a bit o’ a worry-wart when it comes ta his pa, but he’s actually a lot o’ fun once ya get ta know him. One time, we stopped at this pond ta catch some fish fer lunch an’ we ended up in a huge splash fight. It lasted a good half hour an’ we were soaked ta the bone after…but it was more than worth it! *laughs* And the more he opens up, the more fun he is!

D.F.: And you and Wolfsbane plan to continue to adventure together once you leave his family home. So, of all the places that you two have talked about seeing, what is the one that you are most excited about?

F.D.: Hmm, that’s a though one…Well…I’d have ta say it’s the Elemental Towers o’ Avalonia. I’ve honestly never been ta that city before, an’ I’ve always wondered what it would be like ta take on The Challenge of the Towers. After all, I hear tell there’s supposed ta be some real tricky puzzles set up inside…and I love solvin’ puzzles! It’s the velvend in me. Velvends absolutely love puzzles an’ riddles, the harder the better. Want ta distract a velvend for a few days? Go ahead an’ make him try an’ figure out one o’ those logic bomb things! Ma once said tha’s just what she’d do ta me pa when he’d get on her nerves good enough…*smiles and laughs mischievously*

D.F.: *giggles* Well, that’s all the time we have. Thanks again for coming, Falor. It was fun talking with you.

F.D.: The same here, Miss. *kisses her on the hand* An’ don’ forget ta tell all the good folks not ta forget all about The Rebirth and Awakening of Wolfie Star-Runner. Our next adventure’ll be comin’ out soon, an’ that one’s a real doozy!


            And so, the two go their separate ways…


            Well, you heard the man! Go and check out The Rebirth and Awakening of Wolfie Star-Runner now on and! The sexy blue-haired bishonen says so! Also, don’t forget to check in with us next week when I attempt to get you all stoked for Wolfie Star-Runner Plays with Hellfire by telling you all the legend of the terrible Hellfire Lord Goramesh. Until then, this is Danielle Freeman signing off while simultaneously fangirling over her own character…*le sigh!*


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