Star-Runner World Interviews Series: Wolfsbane Bendis

Imagine this: It’s a peaceful, sunny day. The birds are chirping, a warm breeze is blowing, and a pretty (if chubby) young brown-skinned woman with a fluffy afro tied into a poofy ponytail with a pink scarf and wearing a pair of blue jeans, a red T-shirt with a kung-fu master printed on it, and black almost-cat-eye framed glasses is sitting under the shade of a maple tree. Opposite her sits a young man with short jet-black hair and green eyes, wearing a sky blue T-shirt with a crescent moon printed on it, khaki cargo pants, and a black leather collar decked with star-shaped metal studs and a round metal tag with the name “Wolfie” engraved on it. Here, friends, is where this interview starts.


Quick Facts about Wolfsbane Bendis:

Name: Wolfsbane Alistair Bendis

Age: 20

Birthday: Februne (February) 14, 1023 P.W.D.

Height: 6 feet (183 cm), give or take a few fractions of an inch.

Hair: Black

Eyes: Green

Weapon of Choice: His own fists when practical, otherwise his semi-automatic pistol.

Favorite Color: Sky Blue


Danielle Freeman: O.K., Wolfsbane. It’s nice to get the chance to talk to you today.

Wolfsbane Bendis: Um…thanks…I think…

D.F.: You think?

W.B.: Well, I’ve never actually been interviewed before. I’m…just a little nervous.

D.F.: Don’t worry. Just act natural and be yourself.

W.B.: *scratches himself behind the ear nervously in an almost canine manner* Alright. I’ll try.

D.F.: Alright, so, let’s talk about the time right after you were bitten. What was going through your mind at the time? What were you feeling?

W.B.: Well, naturally I was terrified. After all, I had spent ten years of my life fighting werewolves. I had seen the worst side of them, the worst that they could do…and all of those awakening instincts were not exactly helping matters. I mean, have you ever been a hair’s breadth away from biting a chipmunk in half…and actually thinking of how delicious it’ll taste?! *here he growls and licks his lips, then shakes his head vigorously and comes back down to Earth* Um…sorry. But, at the time, it was pretty horrifying.

D.F.: I can imagine.

W.B.: But I was also ashamed of myself. I felt like a complete failure. I should have killed myself as soon as I had noticed that I was wounded…but I couldn’t bring myself to pull the trigger. I didn’t want to die…not even for something as important as the code…the Werewolf Hunter’s Code, I mean. I was in a terrible state…I felt like I was letting everyone down.

D.F.: But then you met Falor, and he helped you out a lot, didn’t he?

W.B: *nod* Yes, he did. He helped me through my first full moon, convinced me that things weren’t so bad and that life was still worth living. *laughs* Those first two weeks we spent together were…interesting, let’s just say that.

D.F.: Interesting? For the readers at home, can you kind of clarify that? You don’t want to stoke the imaginations of the rabid yaoi fangirls, now do you?

W.B.: *pauses, his eyes go wide, he blushes and whimpers like a dog* Uh…yeah. Nothing of a romantic or sexual nature happened whatsoever! I’m not even into guys! I like girls! With bazooms and booties—BUT I’M NOT A PERVERT!! I SWEAR!! *blushes even more and turns away, trying to hide his face as he whimpers some more*

D.F.: *snickers, then regains he composure* O.K., then. So, for those first two weeks, what did you and Falor do?

W.B.: *takes a few deep breaths to calm down, then smiles* Well, mostly we just…hung out. He began trying to teach me how to change at will, and when we weren’t working on that we would talk, wander around, watch the clouds roll by… We grew very close in just that short period of time. Falor and I have a lot of things in common, you know. I think that the main difference between us is that Falor had the guts to leave his bad situation of his own accord while I…I needed fate to step in and drag me out by the ankles. *laughs*

D.F.: And why did you stay in the first place? You weren’t happy as a werewolf hunter, so why did you keep at it? …Especially with a jerk like Ren Ascot as your team leader…

W.B.: Because it was what I had been taught was right. Because it was who my father had told me that I was destined to be. Nothing I felt or wanted mattered…not even in terms of who I wanted to team up with. All that mattered was fulfilling the duty that I had been born into as the second son of the Bendis line. I was to sacrifice my life and my happiness for the lives and happiness of others. For the protection of the human race and the honor of my family…I was supposed to be miserable. *sighs*

D.F.: So, because you had so many people depending on you—people that you didn’t want to end up letting down—you suffered all those years?

W.B.: *nods* But, now I’m free to live the life that I want to live…that I’ve always wanted to live…and I couldn’t be happier. Of course, Father isn’t too happy that I retired to enjoy the adventuring life, but…Oh! Screw what he wants! It’s my life, dammit, and I have every right to take control of it!

D.F.: Well said. And, speaking of Hawk Bendis, when you were called home, you had to keep what happened to you a secret, right? I mean, not just because of your dad…but practically everyone else in your family is a werewolf hunter, right?

W.B.: *nods* Yes. My parents are both retired, my two sisters and my older brother are active hunters, and Uncle Falcon as well…though, he follows his own personal code. The official code requires a hunter to kill all werewolves, whether they have done anything wrong or not. Uncle Falcon only kills the ones who are deliberately hurting people. My younger brother, Inferno, never became a hunter because he has no talent for physical or armed combat whatsoever. His talent is magic, and he studies very hard at it.

D.F.: So, in this first adventure, you’re trying your hardest to conceal the fact that you’ve become a werewolf, while also trying to figure out your powers…

W.B.: Yes, it’s a huge, complicated mess. *laughs* But, it’s quite a ride, believe me.

D.F.: Well, we’re almost out of time, so one last question: What do you hope that readers will get out of this story?

W.B.: Well, I hope that they will read this book and realize just how important it is to be true to yourself and follow your heart. *laughs* I know that it sounds terribly cliché, but clichés are clichés for a reason, I guess. Oh! And I hope that they’ll also want to read the second book! Things really begin to heat up then…figuratively and literally! …That…wasn’t a spoiler, was it? I know that you said no spoilers…

D.F.: *smiles and winks* Nope, no spoilers there. Well, thanks for talking with me, Wolfie…and tell Falor he’s the next one to get interviewed, so he’d better get ready!

W.B.: *laughs* Of course I will.


And so, the two part ways, each back to their own business…


Log on next week when we explore the origins of the hit children’s book series, Fibbas and Furbas! Until then, this is Danielle Freeman, logging off and reminding you that you can get the full story by picking up The Rebirth and Awakening of Wolfie Star-Runner on (print and ebook) or (print).


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