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Hello there. I’m Danielle Freeman. You probably don’t know me yet, but you soon will. I’m the author of a brand new series of fantasy books, The Star-Runner Chronicles. The series concerns the adventures of Wolfsbane Bendis, a twenty-year-old werewolf hunter who (through a twist of fate) becomes a werewolf and begins life anew as a roving adventurer. He is joined by Falor Danek, a half-velvend (fox-like fae-beast) with a big heart, a winning smile, and a penchant for puzzles.

The first book tells the tail…I mean, tale…of Wolfsbane’s first visit home after being transformed. Of course, this sounds totally innocuous until we realize that practically everyone in our hero’s family just happens to be a werewolf hunter! Since the werewolf hunter’s code calls for the extermination of all werewolves period, our fledgling lycan protagonist must work to keep his transformed state a top secret while still trying to get the hang of his new powers. Luckily, his new BFF Falor is there to help him out. But, will that be enough? Or will our dynamic duo screw up big time?

With this blog I plan to give the people of this world a closer look at my world. The sort of info I plan to divulge includes profiles of the different races in this world, character “interviews” with the cast of the series, history and legends, and even “news paper articles” from the world itself! So, what’s the first thing that I’m planning to talk about?

First I would like to tell you a little bit about the International Werewolf Hunter’s Association, or IWHA, the organization which regulates werewolf hunters and grants licenses in the majority of kingdoms of this world. Established in the first year after The War of Destruction (0 P.W.D.), the International Werewolf Hunter’s Association was created when the Templars (the main group behind the Alliance of Humanity) joined together with several other like-minded groups to found a group which would ensure the complete eradication of the werewolf race. They have contracts with the governments of many nations which allow their hunters to act as judge, jury, and executioner against any and all werewolves they come across…and their code is pretty merciless.

According to the IWHA’s code, all werewolves–no matter who they are or whether or not they’ve actually done anything wrong–are to be killed. Period. They kill adults, children, wealthy elites, penniless peasants…even the unborn aren’t safe. And should a hunter be bitten? He or she is required to commit suicide before their first full moon.

There are hunters who rebel against the more extreme provisions of the code, however. For instance, Falcon Bendis (Wolfsbane’s uncle) refuses to kill any werewolf who has never intentionally harmed a human. It is even rumored that there are other hunters who have refused to commit suicide and continued fighting on. Though, that’s crazy talk. The IWHA is full to the brim of smart and savy, code-abiding hunters who would easily be able to see through a colleague’s masquerade…Right?

Well, that does it for this first blog post. Be sure to look for book one of the series, The Rebirth and Awakening of Wolfie Star-Runner on createspace.com and Amazon.com, check out my facebook page, and continue to stay tuned here for weekly updates.


About starrunnerworld

I'm an independent author who specializes in Fantasy and Sci-Fi.
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